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For over 30 years, Alliance Financial and its affiliated companies have offered life insurance quotes Canada residents can use through 310-TERM. Our experience as a insurance broker Canadians trust lets us offer the life insurance rates at prices they can afford.

It takes less than 30 seconds to fill out our form once you understand the type of life insurance in Canada that you want. Once you click the “Free Online Quote” button, you’ll get a quote for your insurance policy. If you’re not sure how to answer the questions, take a moment to review each section so that you can choose the best answers.


Alliance Financial offers term life insurance quotes Canada residents are looking for as well as whole life insurance quotes and quotes for other types of policies. To review, here's a quick list of Canada term, whole and universal life insurance you can get from us:

  • Level term life insurance Canadian residents choose for fixed-length coverage. If you want low-cost life insurance that lasts for a fixed length of time, then term life is for you. Choose your term based on your age or on a fixed preset timeframe.
  • Whole life insurance for lifelong protection. Whole life insurance keeps you covered your whole life while accumulating cash value. You can elect to stop your coverage at 65, and you can choose how long you’d like to pay your premiums.
  • Universal life insurance for financial planning. Universal life insurance combines the safety of whole life insurance with options for investing extra money. You can vary the amount of premiums that you want to pay and control your investment options.
  • Term 100 insurance. Term 100 keeps you covered for life as long as you pay your monthly premiums. You can choose fixed premium payments or variable payments, and you can also build cash value on your policy.


Traditionally, insurance companies in Canada suggest multiplying your salary by 10 to determine the amount of your death benefit. However, we will suggest you consider other financial elements:

  • Make a list of your major financial obligations. Buy enough coverage to take care of mortgage payments, future college tuition, any unpaid debts, and funeral expenses. Ten times your salary might not be sufficient.
  • Consider future earning potential. You might be in line for a promotion, or you might be in school to increase your earning potential. If you expect to make more money in the future, base your coverage on what you expect to earn.
  • Leave something behind. If you do not have an estate to leave to your children, consider purchasing more life insurance. A substantial death benefit can help to secure their future when you are not there to watch over them.


The mode determines how often you want to pay your premium. You can make a payment each month, or you can make an annual lump sum payment.


We’re happy to provide insurance quotes to Canada's residents of all genders and sexual orientations.


Although we are happy to help you find insurance no matter what — for yourself and your family — we encourage you to find support and give up smoking for a healthy lifestyle.


Giving us a general idea of your current health status helps us provide accurate life insurance quotes in Canada. Choose your status according to which term best describes you:

  • Regular. You do not currently use tobacco products, and you are in generally good health. Also, you do not work in a hazardous profession or participate in hazardous recreational activities. Your height and weight fall within reasonable limits, and you do not travel to foreign countries that are under a watch advisory.
  • Preferred. In addition to meeting regular status requirements, you have no serious family history of heart disease. You have no criminal records, no history of drug abuse, and no serious physical or mental health challenges. Your blood pressure is normal, your weight is healthy, and your cholesterol level hover around normal. Also, you have good credit and no history of bankruptcy.
  • Preferred Plus. In addition to meeting Preferred requirements, you are the picture of physical, mental, and financial health. You take no medications and have no current health concerns.
  • Regular Plus. Not all insurers offer this rate class. If you’re better than Regular but not quite at Preferred, go ahead and choose Regular Plus.

If you do have some health problems, you enjoy high-risk activities, or you’ve had some arrest or financial issues in your past, give us a call to discuss your options with a Canadian life insurance broker.

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Got Questions?

If you do not fit in any of our set categories for the instant online life insurance quotes Canada's residents can get, we can still work something out. Call us today to get life insurance in Canada including Toronto and Ontario. We can accommodate your unique situation anywhere in Canada.

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