Avoid These 9 Top Estate-Planning Errors

on Monday, 20 July 2015. Posted in Investments, Blog, Life Insurance

Estate planning is a complicated yet necessary task. Because of complex laws, misinformation online, and others’ scary stories, making mistakes unknowingly is easy. Unfortunately, that tasks your heirs with sorting out your unintentional mess after you’re gone.

Alliance Life Insurance Planning Session 2015 in Kingston Ontario

on Friday, 10 July 2015. Posted in Investments, Blog, Life Insurance

Yesterday the Alliance Financial Group family took to the road for our annual mid-year planning session. We headed to Kingston, Ontario and visited the Empire Life Insurance company for a morning meeting and tour of the head office. Alliance has had a relationship with Empire Life since our company was started in 1982 helping to provide our clients with a complete array of Life Insurance and Investment products. Special thanks to Empire for being such great hosts and for all the hugs we received.

Attention Millennials: Begin Saving for Retirement Today

on Thursday, 25 June 2015. Posted in Investments, Blog

According to a new survey of 16,000 international adults, Canadian parents rank among the least liable to leave inheritances to their children. The worldwide average is 21 percent, yet 27 percent of working-age Canadian adults plan to use up their financial resources on themselves and let their kids handle their uncertain futures alone. Just one of every 10 is willing to extend a financial helping hand to adult children. Most respondents don’t plan to offer any financial support like chipping in on car or home down payments.

Segregated Funds Are Enjoying Renewed Popularity

on Monday, 15 June 2015. Posted in Investments, Blog

Life insurance companies’ segregated (or seg) fund offerings augment traditional mutual funds with insurance contracts. Combined advantages boast potential investment growth plus insurance protection with guaranteed principal and death benefits.

This March’s $243 million net sales set the highest monthly record since February 2012, reports Desjardins Securities. That compares to $144.1 million for March 2014. As investors seek portfolio stability, seg fund sales may continue climbing. Total net assets were $113.1 billion by March 2015, up from the previous March’s $104.3 billion, according to Investor Economics.

Financial Freedom

Written by Ella Plummer on Tuesday, 10 June 2014. Posted in Investments, Blog

Financial services can be a very confusing and complicated field. The problem that most people have in gaining control of their financial situation is that they do not understand the concepts of financial strategies.

Today people are greatly concerned about their money and how they can keep most of their hard earned cash! Working with an advisor will allow you to achieve your goal faster.

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