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Events That Change Life Insurance Requirements: Part 2

on Monday, 21 September 2015. Posted in Blog, Life Insurance

Since many personal situations can change over your lifetime, let’s continue exploring additional events that may affect your life insurance needs. Make a list of all applicable variables from this two-part series before scheduling your appointment with an Alliance Financial advisor. Together, you’ll be able to update your life insurance in Toronto to meet your current lifestyle.

Debt and Life InsuranceHandling Debts

Getting control of your debts starts with living within your means instead of borrowing to purchase what you can’t afford. If various creditors are charging high interest rates, consider consolidating some or all of your debts into an account with a lower rate. But if you weren’t around, how would your family pay off that sizable obligation? Make sure that your life-insurance payout will cover your outstanding debts. Likewise, paying off large debts gives you the option of lowering your coverage.


Events That Change Life Insurance Requirements: Part 1

on Wednesday, 16 September 2015. Posted in Blog, Life Insurance

Need help evaluating your evolving life insurance factors? Numerous changing personal circumstances can alter your financial objectives, making your existing coverage no longer suitable. Reexamining your options whenever major life events transpire or at least every couple of years is wise. Review the key considerations in this two-part series to see which ones apply to you. After determining your latest needs, contact an Alliance Financial Group advisor about life insurance in Ontario to make any necessary adjustments.

Getting MarriedGetting Married

Coupling up involves sharing more than your lives. Your union encompasses both member’s financial obligations, and your new mate may rely on your earnings partially or totally. Either person could outlive the other. So both potential survivors need access to enough money to cover the other’s final expenses and debts like car loans and credit card balances. Start by designating each other as beneficiaries of any existing corporate and/or individual life insurance plans. Either spouse without coverage should consider getting it. If one or both of you have kids, also prioritize leaving enough to fund their futures.

Why Children and Millennials Need Life Insurance

on Monday, 07 September 2015. Posted in Blog, Life Insurance

Life Insurance for ChildrenDependent children and young adults aren’t typical life insurance policyholders. But parents and millennials should consider the many financial advantages of acquiring valuable coverage at young ages. For fast, free Toronto insurance quotes, just fill out Alliance Financial’s brief online form. If our displayed categories don’t fit your situation, contact us by phone. Our experienced insurance brokers work with parents and young adults to select affordable solutions.

Differentiating Term and Permanent Life Insurance Options

on Wednesday, 12 August 2015. Posted in Blog, Life Insurance

Select your Life InsuranceThese guidelines will help you select the right life insurance for your family. Start by figuring out how long your dependent relatives will require financial support. Next, review term and three permanent life insurance policy types for varying coverage times, premium basics, key features, general advantages, and possible payout uses. When you determine which is appropriate for your family’s circumstances, call Alliance Financial Group. A broker will explain our life insurance in Toronto options that match your needs.

Term Insurance is not the best, long term.

on Monday, 25 February 2013. Posted in Blog, Life Insurance

Term Insurance vs. Permanent Insurance

There are many reasons why one would seek life insurance coverage but if you have children or other dependents, life insurance should be a priority. Most of us understand the needs for having life insurance coverage, but what type of insurance would best suit you for your needs? When looking at options, applicants have been unable to avoid the debate over term vs. permanent insurance. It is important to choose wisely as the wrong type of coverage can have an big impact on your loved ones.

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