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Financial services can be a very confusing and complicated field. The problem that most people have in gaining control of their financial situation is that they do not understand the concepts of financial strategies.

Today people are greatly concerned about their money and how they can keep most of their hard earned cash! Working with an advisor will allow you to achieve your goal faster.



  • Are you aware that up to 73% of Canadians retire on the poverty line with income of $15,000 or less per year?
  • Many Canadians have given no thought to retirement plans, and are finding disappointment that they will have to live well below their usual standard of living.
  • There are many roads that can lead to a secure financial retirement.

Insurance Companies have many options that have helped Canadians over the years. A guaranteed income product is one of those options for people about to retire, in their early years, or investing for their retirement.

Some serious questions can be asked, are you worried about:

  • market downturns?
  • having enough money to support your lifestyle after retirement?
  • concerned about outliving your money?

All these concerns can be solved by using a “Guaranteed Income Product”. These products safeguard one’s investment against market downturns.

Safety Net

There is a 4% to 5% annual bonus given at the end of each year provided no money is withdrawn that year.

Regardless of market performance the investor will receive what has been guaranteed - and that is for life! Canadians have a longer life expectancy, these products alleviates the worry.

Locked in investments growth may increase the guaranteed investment. This is important to offset inflation!

There is a lifetime withdrawal amount (LWA) of 5% annually of the income base. This financial tool will supply the peace of mind, knowing the exact amount that will be given each year for life.

Investment can be used to accumulate wealth before retirement. Resets available every 3 years! Income base bonuses can increase a deposit by 75% in 15 years. With this type of investment the investor WINS!!

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